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We are a trading company and exclusive Benelux distributor of the Puren M system and Inox Color coloured stainless steel for architectural use.

Both systems need the know-how of a specialist and after more than 20 years of experience

and countless reference projects we have earned that status.


Do you have any plans to realize a metal roof or façade?

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The Puren M system:

is a metal roof insulation element for non-ventilated metal roof and façade structures.

Application type DAD, building material class B2.

Factory made water-resistant glued wooden strips for easy fitting on the supporting structure.

Single panel roof structure with optimum thermal insulation in winter and summer.

Highest insulation performance at low material thickness.

No specialist tools required.

Plenty of freedom for architectural design.

Low construction depth with huge construction cost saving.

Easily meets the requirements of the ZVSHK (Central Association for Sanitation Heating and Air Conditioning).

Excellent handling due to optimum width/length ratio.

Easy fitting, no mounting aids necessary.


The Inox-color Spectral process:

is a computer-controlled electrochemical process.

There are no pigments or dyes. It is a build-up of the transparent oxide layers.

It is called the Interference Effect.

Depending on the thickness of the oxide layer, the composition of the light spectrum and your point of view, different colour effects unfold.

Up to a block size of 6,000 x 1,200 x 2,000 mm ( L x W x H ). In addition to the processing of stainless steel sheets, the INOX - SPECTRAL® process is also highly suitable for the colour design of other stainless steel products.


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